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Script Start automates Windows User Profile Settings

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27, August 2008
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Start enables you to create and manage user profiles on Windows desktops from virtually any server OS. Script Start Professional enables administrators to automate routine Windows desktop management tasks that might otherwise have to be done manually, with KiXtart, or with other complex scripting. Script Start leads the market in server platform support which includes Windows, Linux, SUSE, Red Hat, Mac, and Solaris. Script Start allows administrators to effortlessly map drives, install printers, configure Outlook settings and MAPI profiles, modify environment variables, adjust Internet proxy settings, configure RDP connections, publish applications via RDP, automatically customize client machines, and more. Technology alliance partnerships include Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Red Hat, HP, and Novell.

Windows network w/ Domain Controller

Please contact Script Start Professional publisher, Entrigue Systems if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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