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a visual tool fot concept-based requirements development and analisis

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1, December 2006
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For a project of any kind it is most important to be able to describe the problem quickly and clearly. An innovative requirements development and analysis tool VR (Visual Requirements) is a practical, low-cost / low-risk solution for defining software, user interfaces, system components, processes, dashboards, information sources, etc. It can also be used as a general information management tool, for example, to organize ideas or references. VR leverages lucid and efficient information structures that enable very productive work. For example, designing a website, we frequently find that the same field has to appear on several screens - where to keep the requirements related to this field and how to find them? Or, some scenarios or algorithms may have many identical elements - how to make the updates to these elements only once? Some requirements belong to use cases but also have to appear in supplementary specifications - what is the best way to deal with this? VR provides simple effective functionality to: * Build requirements as a set of linked diagrams that are easy to read and navigate * Present a product in multiple views: concept view, use case view, user interface view, concept view, workflow view, and others * Define use cases visually * Create coherent intertwined structures with common elements, such as use cases, screen mockups, algorithms * Instantly inquire about location, content and properties of concepts, data items, requirements; find elements by name, concept, substring; etc. * Analyze your model, e.g. find orphan elements, compare diagrams, compare requirements, trace requirements, etc. * Create reports using easy integration with Word and other tools * Estimate size and effort using Use Case Points * Etc. VR is an evolutionary tool that is user friendly right from the start. Engage VR to dramatically increase the productivity of your work, the quality of your work products and the maturity of your process.

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