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Extremely tiny utility to mute sound when you are locking your Windows session.

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20, February 2010
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Mute on Lock is a tiny resident utility that sits in the system tray and monitors your session: when you are locking your Windows workstation, it mutes the sound of your speakers. Do not want to bother your colleagues by sounds of instant messenger, reminders or leaving music when you are out? Use Mute on Lock and forget about this problem! Moreover, with the help of this program you can quickly mute or unmute the system sound by double-clicking the tray icon or using an optional hot key.

What's new in current version
No news at this moment because it's initial release of Mute on Lock.

300 MHz processor, 2 MB of RAM, 1 MB HDD, keyboard, mouse, 640x480 with 16-bit color depth screen

Please contact Mute on Lock publisher, Software if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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