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Uninstall any program by simply clicking on it's link or exe file

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14, May 2012
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UninstallButton Free is a simple tool for easy removing programs from your computer. Software developers often forget to place the "Uninstall" item in "Start->Programs" menu. Also usually real program name is different from name in Add/Remove list. Thus, you have to manually find required program in Add/Remove list. UninstallButton Free can solve this problems by automatically finding the program in Add/Remove list. There are several simple ways to remove any program from your computer: - right-click on program shortcut or executable file, and select "Uninstall with UninstallButton"; - drag and drop program shortcut or executable file to UninstallButton Free shortcut on your desktop (or to UninstallButton Free window if it is opened); - choose program window in UninstallButton Free opened windows list. Also with help of UninstallButton Free you can determine which programs are installed in specified folder or drive.

What's new in current version
New features: 1. Context menu in program list 2. Find and remove program by opened window 3. Display list of programs installed into specific folder / drive

Windows 2000, 2MB HDD Free Space, 64MB RAM, 200MHz Pentium-Compatible CPU

Please contact UninstallButton Free publisher, UninstallButton Soft if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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