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8, May 2007
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Whizzo CleanSuite uses a one-click fix to optimize, repair and clean a computer. While many programs offer some tools to clean and maintain a computer, Whizzo CleanSuite provides all the tools necessary in one easy to use package. Whizzo CleanSuite: * Removes spyware, adware, and hijackers * Repairs the registry * Removes hidden junk * Checks for hard drive stability * Optimizes the startup * Removes internet histories for safety ...and more in just one simple click. Advanced users have the option to scan and clean individual areas of their computer. Combining more than 20 tools into one easy to use package, Whizzo CleanSuite was designed by technicians, for people who just want solutions.

PIII or better, 256MB RAM, 100MB Free Hard Drive Space

Please contact Whizzo CleanSuite publisher, Whizzo Technologies if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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