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ASPajax is the free Ajax framework for ASP VBScript websites.

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16, June 2009
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INTRODUCING ASP AJAX =================== AJAX is an expectation of modern websites. However many of the world best developers still code in Classic ASP - without the use of heavy web frameworks. ASP-ajax bridges the gap - providing .Net Ajax style functionality and "Update Panels" to VBScript ASP. ASP-ajax also allows you to easily call any ASP server function from JavaScript and return results without refreshing the page. Lightweight, simple and fast - ASPajax is free. ASP-AJAX Basic Concepts ===================== ASP functions can be called without refreshing the page using 2 new AJAX paradigms. 1. UpdatePanels - can allow any form or link to work seamlessly without the page refreshing. UpdatePanels lead to efficient development - and encourage strong adherence to Accessibility and W3C standards. 2. LiveASP - a Remote Method Calling technology - that allows you to use any ASP function from client JavaScript - without refreshing the web page. The results from the ASP function is returned - and Session and Cookie states are kept alive. *ASP AJAX TUTORIALS* ASP AJAX Hello World - Execute VBScript server code in real-time from JavaScript - ToolTips using ASP and AJAX - Form validation using ASP and AJAX technology - Use ASP AJAX to build a ComboBox control with predictive text suggestions - A free, customizable live-chat application using ASP AJAX - Downloaded the free ASP AJAX toolkit from

What's new in current version
1. *ASP Ajax UpdatePanels* automatically make ASP / HTML forms submit and respond without the web-page refreshing. 2. *ASP Ajax LiveASP* - this professional toolkit allows you call any ASP VBScript server functions from JavaSCript at runtime. ASP Function results are returned to JavaScript.

Microsoft IIS Web Server

Please contact ASP Ajax publisher, ASP AJAX dot ORG if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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