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Template-based XML Schema documentation generator in framed HTML and RTF formats

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22, January 2007
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DocFlex/XSD is an easy adjustable template-driven XML Schema documentation generator able to produce by any W3C XML Schema(s) the professional quality documentation in both framed HTML and RTF formats. The multi-framed hypertext HTML will represent any XML schemas in a beautiful clear-cut form with great a lot of details about the schema components and all interconnections between them. The same sophisticated content can be reproduced as a single RTF document friendly to open with both MS Word and In addition, most of hyperlinks are supplemented with page number references, which help navigating the printed documentation. DocFlex/XSD may also greatly help you to automat the process of documenting your XML schemas. Now, you not only can insert all your descriptions directly into the schema annotation elements. Using XHTML tags, you can also pre-format your descriptions in almost any imaginable way (including the possibility to insert images with img tags). DocFlex/XSD will process such XML schemas into a splendid HTML or RTF documentation! DocFlex/XSD is a pure Java application able to run on any platform with JRE v1.4.x or later. The software includes: (1) The graphic Templates Designer; (2) The templates interpreter/output generator; (3) The "XSDDoc" template set. The XML Schema Documentation Generator itself is implemented entirely as a set of "XSDDoc" templates processed by a special interpreter that generates the output documentation. It can be run both in command-line mode and with a generator GUI, where you can specify all the generator settings interactively, start the generation and visually track its progress. The "XSDDoc" templates are open for any modifications. The high quality graphic Template Designer represents the templates in the form that visualizes the result documentation. Using it, you can quickly and easily customize the generated documentation according to your specific requirements and needs.

Java (JRE) version 1.4.x or later

Please contact DocFlex/XSD publisher, FILIGRIS WORKS if you have questions or issues regarding this product.
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